Ken Mallon, Dynamic Logic: Branding vs. Digital Response – Part 1

Bit by bit, marketers have warmed to online media for branding. Many have proven their success using the pre-internet metrics, while others apply traditional units like GRPs to measure the media itself. So, is it time to kick online response metrics to the curb? Not so fast. Disavowing “response metrics” assumes a dichotomy that leads to bad decisions. If one brand metric can help explain another, then measuring shifts in online behavior surely can add additional depth to a picture that always wants more clarity.

Ken Mallon is a 25-year research veteran having applied research methods, statistics and data mining expertise to a variety of fields including health, pharmaceuticals, marketing, and internet behavior. At Dynamic Logic, Ken heads the Custom Solutions team, providing specialized research and consulting services to top clients. Before joining Dynamic Logic, Ken was Director of Product Development, Director of Marketing Solutions, and Director of Data Mining at Yahoo!, where he helped to create Yahoo!’s data-mining group, as well as their behavioral targeting system, unique consumer insights, and passively collecting data and advertising products.

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