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Why is my Adwords CTR so damn low? – Deep Footprints
Mar 9, 2013 –

AdWords Click-Through Rate: Get High CTR at a Low Cost Per Click .
Improving your AdWords click-through rate is easy with WordStream. Learn how to raise CTR with this AdWords click-through rate guide.

Clickthrough rate (CTR) – AdWords Help – Google Support
A ratio showing how often people who see your ad end up clicking it. CTR can be used to gauge how well your keywords and ads are performing. CTR is the.

An average lie. Three levels of average CTR. – AdWiser
The average CTR is no exception. It lies. . You are here: Home / Google AdWords / An average lie. . CTR: 5%; Quality Score: 7; Impressions: 4000; Clicks: 200.

What average Ads click through rate (CTR) is good. – AdWords .
May 15, 2013 –

5 Powerful Ways on How to Improve Your AdWords CTR
May 22, 2013 –

8 Quick Ways to Increase Your AdWords CTR – Search Engine Land
Jan 30, 2012 –

8 Ways to Increase Your AdWords CTR – State of Digital
Jun 20, 2013 –

Google Says Average AdWords CTR at 2% – Marketing Pilgrim
Jan 14, 2010 –

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