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Frequently Asked Questions

What does accurate mean definition?

in exact or careful conformity to truth, or to some standard of requirement, the result of care or pains; free from failure, error, or defect; exact; as, an accurate calculator; an accurate measure; accurate expression, knowledge, etc

How do you spell accurate?

Some common synonyms of accurate are correct, exact, nice, precise, and right. While all these words mean "conforming to fact, standard, or truth," accurate implies fidelity to fact or truth attained by exercise of care. When might correct be a better fit than accurate?

What does accurate mean?

definition 1: in a true manner; truthfully. synonyms: accurately, correctly, truly, truthfully similar words: frankly, honestly, openly: definition 2: accurately; exactly. synonyms: accurately, exactly, precisely

What is accurate definition?

ac•cu•rate. (ˈæk yər ɪt) adj. 1. free from error; conforming to truth: an accurate description. 2. consistent with a standard, rule, or model: an accurate scale. 3. not making mistakes; carefully precise; meticulous: an accurate typist.

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