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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you login to Amazon Prime?

1. Turn on the device. 2. Sign in with your Amazon account, or create an Amazon account to sign in with. 3. Press the home button on your remote. 4. Enjoy. 1. Download the Prime Video app. 2. Open the Prime Video app. 3. Register your device—here are two ways: (1) Select “Sign in and start watching” and enter your Amazon account information.

How can I contact Amazon Prime?

You can contact Amazon's customer service team through the website.For basic issues, Amazon's customer service page has helpful FAQs and support articles.For complicated problems, you can call Amazon directly at 1-888-280-4331.

How do you get a free Amazon Prime membership?

In this post we've covered nine ways you can get free or cheaper Amazon Prime:Sign up for a free trial (free for a month).Request free Amazon Prime if you get a late package (free for potentially one to two months).Use your company's Amazon Business Prime account (free forever if your company has one and lets you use it indefinitely).More items...

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