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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first book in the Elementals series?

The Elementals Trilogy The first book, Ice Wolves, pubs in winter 2018, and the next two books will follow annually thereafter. The series features an ancient, ongoing battle between two clans of humans who can shapeshift – ice wolves and scorch dragons – and follows two siblings who combine the powers of the enemy clans.

Is Ice Wolves by Amie Kaufman worth reading?

“Amie Kaufman charges onto the scene with Ice Wolves, a story full of epic beasts and endearing heroes that will keep you reading late into the night. If you’ve ever wanted to go on an adventure, read this book.”

What happened in the Elementals season 3 Episode 3?

The 3rd and final episode in the Elementals trilogy, Battle Born by Aussie author Amie Kaufman was every bit as good as the first two, with a brilliant conclusion to this one. Twins Anders and Rayna, wolf and dragon, have done all in their limited power to stop the war between the ice wolves and scorch dragons, but it’s now time for the finale.

What happens in the final book of the Elementals trilogy?

In the final book of the Elementals trilogy, Anders and Rayna, along with their expanding group of dragon, wolf and human friends, get to the truth of their mother’s fate and find a way that just might work to rebuild a united Vallen. But it will take a lot of courage and a little bit of luck for a group of kids to get the grown ups listening.

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