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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Amie by Pure Prairie League come out?

" Amie " is a song by the American country rock group Pure Prairie League. The song initially appeared on the band's 1972 album, Bustin' Out. It was subsequently released as a single in 1975, after it gained popularity as an album cut.

Is purepure Prairie League still together?

Pure Prairie League was inactive for most of this time, but got back together in 1998 with Fuller and began performing again. The way Fuller delivers the vocal on this song, it's hard not to hope Amie takes him back. But Amie might know better.

Who is amie Amie?

Amie is a character he created. This song was never much of a hit, but it has shown remarkable endurance. It first appeared on the band's second album, Bustin' Out, in 1972. The group is from Southern Ohio, but they recorded the album in Toronto at RCA Studios.

What's the difference between the single and album versions of Amie?

The single version of this song was cut down to 2:37. The album version, which runs 4:19, is the one most often heard. The "Fallin' in and out of love with you" bit at the end references a song called "Falling In And Out Of Love," which precedes "Amie" on the Bustin' Out album.

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