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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the original Ma Belle Amie song?

" Ma Belle Amie " is a song by Tee-Set, released as a single from the album Ma Belle Amie. It reached #5 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and #3 in Australia and Canada in 1970. In South Africa, it was a #1 hit, and reached the Top 10 across central Europe.

Who is amie Amie?

Amie is a character he created. This song was never much of a hit, but it has shown remarkable endurance. It first appeared on the band's second album, Bustin' Out, in 1972. The group is from Southern Ohio, but they recorded the album in Toronto at RCA Studios.

Is the song Amie based on a true story?

The song was written and sung by Craig Fuller, who along with George Powell handled vocals and string instruments in the group. Fuller has had plenty of chances to make up a story about the real Amie, but he insists that he made the whole thing up as a songwriting exercise, just "stringing words and music together." Amie is a character he created.

What's the difference between the single and album versions of Amie?

The single version of this song was cut down to 2:37. The album version, which runs 4:19, is the one most often heard. The "Fallin' in and out of love with you" bit at the end references a song called "Falling In And Out Of Love," which precedes "Amie" on the Bustin' Out album.

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