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Frequently Asked Questions

What to buy at the Amiens Christmas market?

Visitors young and old have been coming to the Amiens Christmas Market since 1997. With it's 130 chalets that stretch for over 2 km, it has a great choice of gift ideas. From 23rd November to 31st December, craftsmen from France and all over the world will offer a variety of handmade gifts, Christmas décorations and delicious delicacies.

What to do in Amiens in December?

If you're a keen collector of vintage objects or antiques, don't miss the 'grandes réderies' in spring and autumn and check out the antique dealers arcade. In December Amiens is home to the largest Christmas market in northern France: 130 chalets selling Christmas decorations and treats, arts and crafts that make excellent presents.

What to do in Notre-Dame d'Amiens?

Admire the sound and light show at the Cathedral, Notre-Dame d'Amiens. Every evening during the Christmas Market a new polychromatic show, “Chroma” will shown at the cathedral. It uses colour and and infinite palette of nuances to trace the history of the cathedral.

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