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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Amiens located?

Amiens, the regional prefecture of Picardy, is also the prefecture of the Somme, one of the three departments (with Oise and Aisne) in the region. Located in the Paris Basin, across the country the city benefits from a privileged geographical position (proximity to Paris, Lille, Rouen, London and Brussels).

What is the population of Amiens in France 2021?

In 2021, the population of Amiens was 135,429. [1] A central landmark of the city is Amiens Cathedral, which is the largest gothic cathedral in France. Amiens also has one of the largest university hospitals in France, with a capacity of 1,200 beds.

Why is Amiens the sportiest city of France?

Thanks to a large proportion of youth in its population and the dynamism and the success of its sports clubs, Amiens has been awarded the title of "Sportiest city of France" [ fr] by the L'Equipe newspaper in 1999. The city had already won the title in 1969.

When did France gain control of Amiens?

The Normans sacked the city in 859 and again in 882. In 1113, the city was recognized by King Louis VI of France, and in 1185 it was linked to the Crown of France. In 1597, Spanish soldiers held the city during the six-month Siege of Amiens, before Henry IV regained control.

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