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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to purchase Away luggage?

Away products can be purchased on their website and through Away Luggage Amazon. Away also has one physical store in London, UK. It’s obviously hard to tell how big or small a suitcase is just from a picture.

Who sells away luggage?

Away The cult-favorite luggage brand Away has finally arrived at Nordstrom as part of the retailer's " Up & Away Pop-In," which is happening now until February 24. The launch includes three new exclusive colors of Away suitcases, a vibrant blue, yellow, and red, that are each available in the brand's four signature bag sizes.

How much is Away luggage?

How much does Away luggage cost? The standard carry-on luggage by Away costs $225 and includes an ejectable battery. The bigger carry-on costs $245 and the medium and large checked luggage costs $275 and $295 respectively.

What is the best carry on luggage bag?

Best Carry On Luggage For: Travelers Who Prefer Duffle Bags. One of the best duffle bag carry-ons is the Eagle Creek Flatbed 20-inch duffle bag. In addition to the retractable handle, there’s no shortage of the number of top or side handles.

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