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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Away luggage?

Away luggage takes care of the details of travel—charging your phone on the go, keeping items secure, making models to suit young children, ambitious skiers or the focused business person, alike. Away consults customers about their travel to make luggage that reflects common experiences and thoughtful problem-solving.

Do you travel with your own luggage on away?

Away luggage all models comes with their proprietary organizing system. It's okay if it does not take up too much space. Cute is the built in laundry bag. I travel with my own usually. The Carry-on has a compartment for a charging battery which adds weigh to the case but is there if you need it.

What is the customer service like at Away luggage?

The customer service team at Away was warm and polite, but there was little to no follow up or action, according to Away luggage review Reddit comments. Some customers said that luggage was average quality and that the shipping experience was so poor that they would not repeat a purchase.

How much does an away backpack cost?

The slimmer design is useful when you’re on the road and want to keep all of your essentials close. The backpack costs $295 and is made of black, navy, green, asphalt, coast and sand nylon. Is Away Luggage Worth It? Our Away luggage review makes it clear that Away is worth it.

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