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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get The Witcher's black unicorn in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 developers have added some items from one of its popular games, The Witcher 3, into Night City to pay homage to the games that came before it. One example is the Black Unicorn, also known as the Witcher’s sword. But do you know how to get these items in your game?

Is the Black Unicorn an iconic weapon?

Much like Sasquatch's Hammer, the Black Unicorn is not labeled as an iconic weapon, despite being unique. Patch 1.3 - Received new textures, featuring Witcher runestones.

Is there a way to get the Black Unicorn back?

Sold or scrapped Black Unicorn and other rewards, want them back! If you want, check out Fling's trainer for the game. I think it has a "free crafting" cheat, which people have been using to make the "upgrades" of iconic weapons without needing the lower versions.

How do I get the Black Unicorn sword?

The Black Unicorn sword should be available right away. But if not, simply fully close out of the game and reload it to receive your item. You should also get some Witcher inspired clothes that will provide you with a bit of armour.

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