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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ceia USA?

CEIA USA’s mission is to sell, distribute and service the world’s most advanced technology in electromagnetic fields manufactured by CEIA and CEIA USA to public (federal, state and local governments) and private sector customers in North America.

What are the advantages of Ceia devices?

CEIA devices, thanks to the power output and to the extremely accurate temperature control, allow the heating to be limited to the soldering area only, thus safeguarding the metallurgical properties of the hard metal and cutting tip. CEIA generators perfectly adapt to hardening applications, surfacing hardening, annealing.

Why choose Ceia metal detectors?

Thanks to many years of in-depth research in the field of Metal Detection, CEIA has established itself as a primary manufacturer of high-performance Ground Search Metal Detectors. CEIA’s unique technological solutions allow the manufacturing of power equipment with compact size, extremely high-energy efficiency and long-term reliability.

Why choose Ceia generators?

With a wide range of frequency and power, CEIA generators achieve excellent performances and very high yields of both magnetic and non-magnetic materials (Titanium alloy, Nickel, Steel).

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