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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maara a remake of Charlie?

Maara is directed by Dhilip Kumar and written by Bipin Ragu and Kumar. It’s an official remake of the Malayalam film Charlie by Martin Prakkat and Unni R.

Is Dhilip Kumar's Maara a great adaptation of Malayalam film Charlie?

If feel good cinema is a genre, Dhilip Kumar’s Maara, a Tamil adaptation of Malayalam film Charlie, deserves a special place. What it does beautifully is that it takes an old story and puts a new spin on it. Maara isn’t a frame-by-frame copy, but it retains the magic of Charlie.

What is your review of Maara movie?

Maara movie review: R Madhavan and Shraddha Srinath in a still from the new Amazon film. Maara movie review: Dhilip Kumar’s film, starring R Madhavan and Shraddha Srinath, isn’t a frame-by-frame copy, but it retains the magic of Charlie.

Is Maara a better adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate War than Charlie?

It screams passion. Aesthetically speaking, Maara is a better adaptation of Charlie more than the film itself. It begins with a mouthwatering opening involving a little girl on a bus journey, pestering her grandmother for bedtime stories. She is least interested in “long long ago, so long ago” tales.

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