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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the responsibilities of a corporate board?

Though they have many responsibilities, the primary responsibility of a corporate board of directors is to protect the shareholders' assets and ensure they receive a decent return on their investment. The board of directors owes its shareholders the highest financial duty under American law, known as a fiduciary duty.

What is Board of directors and what is its purpose?

A board of directors, which usually includes about 10 people, is responsible for overseeing the general direction of an organization. The board, if it does its job well, serves as a sort of watchdog over the management of the organization. It represents the interests of the company's shareholders and protects the firm's reputation.

What are the different types of corporate governance structures?

Most corporate governance structures are comprised of a board of directors, an executive management team, and departments that may be organized according to function, division, or a combination of both.

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