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Frequently Asked Questions

Does best buy fix computers?

If the system was purchased from Best Buy, yes. If it wasn't, no - they won't repair it. Note that some systems require quite a bit of disassembly to replace a drive - most of the last couple of years' worth of Inspirons are like this - such that a send-out to a repair depot may be required to replace a drive. Otherwise, you don't need a repair depot - hard drives in many systems are considered user-replaceable.

Does best buy upgrade computers?

Services include basic setup and customization of new PC’s and notebooks, data migration and transfer to a new PC, system tune ups, cleaning and maintenance, as well as computer repairs. These services cover the majority of PC brands and models sold at Best Buy.

What site is best for selling laptops?

Swappa is the best way to sell your Laptop. On Swappa, you buy and sell directly with other users and cutting out the middleman means you get the best prices when selling your MacBook, Chromebook or Windows laptop. Selling on Swappa is always free and you get paid as soon as your laptop sells.

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