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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to get a domain name?

The cheapest way to obtain a domain name is to be the first one to register it for annual fees as low as $5. New domain names are obtained by contacting one of the authorized issuers of domain names known as a “registrar.” For many years Network Solutions, Inc., had a monopoly as the only registrar of domain names.

Where can I buy cheap domain names?

Places to Buy or Sell Domain Names (Domain Auction Marketplaces) NameCheap Domain Name Auction. When it comes to domain name, how can you forget namecheap? ... Domain (dot)com is one of the most popular name when we talk about domain registration / renewal space. ... Igloo. ... Undeveloped. ... Afternic. ... Bido. ... Godaddy Premium Listings. ... Pool. ... Sedo. ... More items...

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