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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check if my domain name is available?

Checking Registries Open the webpage of any domain name registry. Look for a search box. Type the name of your proposed domain name into the box. Look for some kind of indication that the domain is either taken or available. Buy the domain name if it is available.

How do you search for available domain name?

Checking Hosting Companies Open the webpage of the host you have chosen. Find out where you can search for domain name availability. Type in the domain name you want into the search box. Review the results. Purchase the domain name if it is available.

How to see if a domain name is available?

There are a couple of ways to see if the website name you want is available. The easiest method is to type the domain name you're interested in into our search box and we’ll tell you if the domain is available for registration. You can also search for the domain in Whois Lookup. How do I find the best available domain name?

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