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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find a registered domain name?

Try to Find Out Who Registered a Domain from a Registrar Visit the registrar's website. Type the domain name in the database search box. Enter the CAPTCHA code, if the website prompts for one. Read the results. Contact the registrar, if you’re still interested in getting the name and contact information of the person who registered the domain name.

How do I check if a domain name is registered?

To check if a domain name is registered you need two informations: The whois server for the respective top level domain (or second level domain) A matching pattern for the response of that whois server.

Where is the best place to register a domain name?

NameCheap is the best place to register a domain name, and to make it secure with an SSL certificate. It’s a new ranking factor that Google uses, it’s like the speed of the website and the loading time.

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