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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you download discord?

Discord app for Linux On your Linux Computer, open up any browser. Go to the Downloads section of Scroll down, select the type of file you want to download i.e. deb or tar.gz and click on Download in section Download for Linux. discord package will be downloaded and can be installed via command prompt or software package manager.

Is there 64 bit discord?

Yes, it's technically possible for Discord to ship a 64 bit Windows client. However, I can't tell you why they don't. For instance, the MacOS version of Discord only ships as 64 bit (because latest versions of Electron for Mac only support 64 bit as per recommended / enforced by Apple which is dropping support for 32 bit apps altogether).

How does discord work?

Discord is an idea generated as a result of the need for an online platform that allowed gamers to interact with each other. The way Discord works are that it requires users to register first. Once registered, users can join a preexisting server or create their own server. Users can also add other Discord users as friends.

What does discord do?

Discord is a messaging service that is intended for gamers. It has many features, including a game mode for if you’re livestreaming so you don’t show private information, voice chat, emotes (if that’s your thing), and a lot of other features useful for gamers.

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