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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a star finder work?

A star finder works in a simple way. It consists of a circular base which shows the days and months of the year around the edge of a circular base. It also displays the hours of the day around the overlay.

What are the best telescope finders for Sky Watchers?

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack – Motorized Dslr Night Sky Tracker Equatorial… Aluminium Alloy Dovetail Base for Finder Scope, VBESTLIFE Telescope Finderscope… Laser Pointer Bracket, Flashlight Finder Scope Bracket with 1/4 Standard Camera Thread… SVBONY SV182 Finder Scope, 6x30 Metal Finderscope, for Astronomy Telescope, with…

What is the best star finder scope for Celestron 80eq 80/90dx?

Red Dot Viewfinder Star Finder Scope for Celestron 80EQ 80/90DX SE/Meade Infinity… Bysameyee Universal Dovetail Base for Finder Scope, Ideal Optical Telescope Finderscope Mount Bracket for Installation of Finder…

What is the best base for an astronomical telescope?

Acouto Dovetail Base for Finder Scope Telescope Dovetail Mounting Base Dovetail… Bewinner Telescope Mount,Telescope Finderscope Mount Dovetail Slot Plate… Astromania Universal Quick Release Finder Shoe Base for Schmidt Cassegrains and… SVBONY Finder Scope for Astronomical Telescope Red Dot Reflex Viewfinder Finder…

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