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What are the top 10 electric car startups?

Top 76 Electric Cars startups 1 Tesla. Tesla accelerates the transition to electric mobility with a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars. 2 Rivian. ... 3 Nio. ... 4 WM Motor. ... 5 Nikola Motors. ... 6 Xiaopeng Motors. ... 7 Faraday Future. ... 8 Lucid Motors. ... 9 Sila Nanotechnologies. ... 10 Proterra. ... More items...

What happened to YCombinator's list of startup companies in 2018?

The startup accelerator Ycombinator has released its top 100 List Of Startup Companies in 2018, Read ahead to learn who made the cut. Business is going good, the economy is rising steadily and the companies making this happen are becoming powerful every day.

How much are startup companies valued?

The cumulative valuation of these 100 list of startup Companies is more than $100 Billion while 93 of these companies are valued over $100 million individually. Airbnb revolutionized hotel industry with their unique business plan.

What makes avevai a successful startup?

AVEVAI focuses in a few key industries like new energy vehicles, logistics, R&D on graphene and in AI machine learning technology. To complete the vision, the company created four pillars to make this startup a success. Blackburn Energy has developed a Hybrid Charging solution to turn heavy trucks into mobile charging platforms.

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