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Does English ivy cause forest fires?

In moist forests where English ivy occurs, extreme fire weather may be a more important driving force of fire intensity and severity than fuel characteristics [1]; therefore, even if English ivy causes marked changes in fuel characteristics, it may have little or no influence on local fire regimes [4].

Can English ivy reduce fire risk in chaparral areas?

Planting English ivy has been recommended to reduce fire risk in seasonally dry areas such as in Utah [80,97], and in chaparral-urban interfaces in California [123]. While dense populations of English ivy clearly affect the structure of surface and crown fuels (see Stand structure), their impact on fire behavior has not been documented.

Does English ivy influence succession in a forest?

Because English ivy facilitates tree fall (see Impacts) and accelerates forest gaps [136,170], it may influence succession by creating canopy gaps. FIRE EFFECTS AND MANAGEMENT SPECIES: Hedera helix FIRE EFFECTS FUELS AND FIRE REGIMES FIRE MANAGEMENT CONSIDERATIONS FIRE EFFECTS: Immediate fire effect on plant Postfire regeneration strategy

Does English ivy contribute to ladder fuels?

Researchers in the northeastern United States speculated that English ivy may contribute to ladder fuels [29]. A state forester in Delaware also suggested English ivy contributes to ladder fuels and considered it a serious fire hazard near urban communities [166].

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