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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove English ivy?

Removing English Ivy From Trees. Cut the ivy at shoulder height, then again at ankle height. Sever the stems in several places. Do not attempt to yank it out of the tree, as this can bring down birds' nests or, worse, a hornet's nest. Carefully pull away all of the ivy you have clipped.

Can you root Ivy?

Root ivy cuttings by cutting a stem from a healthy plant, placing the end in warm water, making a rooting medium and rooting compound, preparing a pot, planting the ivy cutting and placing the cutting in warmth. You need an ivy cutting, a pot, aspirin, water, perlite and sand.

How do you propagate Ivy?

Use a pencil to make indentations in the moistened potting mix and place an ivy cutting in each hole, planting it deeply enough to cover about three nodes. Gently firm the soil around the cuttings and water again.

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