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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Deutsche mean in English?

Deutsche Welle, which in English means "German Wave", is similar to international broadcasters such as the BBC World Service, France 24, Voice of America, Radio Canada International, Radio Free Europe and Radio France Internationale. Deutsche Welle has broadcast regularly since 1953.

What is ' German ' in English?

Denglisch (German spelling) or Denglish (English spelling) is a portmanteau of the German words Deutsch and Englisch (English), and can also be used to refer to a portmanteau of English and Dutch.

What is the German dictionary?

The Deutsches Wörterbuch (German: [ˌdɔʏtʃəs ˈvœʁtɐbuːx], The German Dictionary), abbreviated DWB, is the largest and most comprehensive dictionary of the German language in existence.

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