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What types of trees are in Germany?

Tree species distribution in Germany. A total of about 90 tree and shrub species are found in the German forest. Four tree species are the most important ones: spruce (26%), pine (23%), beech (16%) and oak (11%) dominate the distribution of tree species to about three quarters.

What is the National Tree of Germany?

The Oak tree Is The National Tree Of Germany. The Oak tree can grow from 80 to 100 feet tall ,3 to 4 feet in diameter around the trunk and can spread from 50 to 80 feet.

What is the Christmas tree in Germany?

The word Tannenbaum, is a German word for "fir tree". This can be understood to be a "Christmas tree". However the literal meaning of "Christmas tree" is in the word "Weihnachtsbaum", where Weihnacht-en means Christmas and baum means Tree.

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