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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Greek people speak English?

Approximately 99 percent of the people in Greece speak Greek. However, people in Greece start learning English in the third grade, therefore most Greeks who are under 40 are also fluent in English. Other languages that Greeks frequently learn include French, Spanish and Italian.

What do Greek letters mean in English?

Greek letters are used to designate fraternities, sororities, and philanthropic organizations. Some books in English are numbered using the letters of the Greek alphabet. Sometimes, both lower case and capitals are employed for simplification. Thus, you may find that the books of the Iliad are written Α to Ω and those of the Odyssey, α to ω.

What is the Greek word for English?

The Science of Geology. “Geo” is the Greek word for “earth.” The suffix “logy” comes from the Greek word “logia,” meaning “speaking.” or “log.” meaning “word.” However, the use of this suffix in English has evolved to mean “the study” or the “science” of any discipline.

What does Greek word ortho means in English?

Ortho- (prefix): Prefix meaning straight or erect. From the Greek "orthos" that means just that: straight or erect. Examples of terms involving ortho- include orthodontics (straightening the teeth), orthopaedics (straightening the child), orthopnea (breathing easily only in an upright position), orthostatic (an upright posture), etc.

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