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Frequently Asked Questions

Can GBS be passed to the baby?

If a pregnant woman has the bacteria in her body, she can pass them to her baby during labor and delivery. Most babies who get GBS disease in the first week of life (early-onset disease) get it this way. It can be hard to figure out how babies got the bacteria if they get sick later (late-onset disease).

What is GBS and how common is it?

This bacteria is normally found in the vagina and/or rectum of about 25% of all healthy, adult women. Women who test positive for GBS are said to be colonized. A mother can pass GBS to her baby during delivery. GBS affects about 1 in every 2,000 babies in the United States .

What is GBS and why is it important during pregnancy?

GBS is a common bacterium that can be passed on to babies from their mothers during a vaginal birth. While it’s rare for this to happen, when it does, it can cause life-threatening problems for the baby. To help protect your baby from any possible infection, your doctor will test you for GBS.

How common is Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) during pregnancy?

About 1 in every 4 pregnant women carry GBS bacteria in their body. GBS disease is most common in newborns. There are factors that can increase a pregnant woman’s risk of having a baby who will develop GBS disease, including:

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