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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the GBS group?

GBS provides technical services and products to commercial, government, and industrial clients across the Defense, Federal, Maritime, Telecom and Transportation sectors. The GBS Group is proud to be a V3 Certified Company for hiring veterans.

What is the GBS weminar?

This weminar created by GBS Group and dictated by renowned business consultants María Antonietta Díaz and Jorge Fernandez will provide you with the tools and knowledge to help you create and maintain a business in the United States.

What is GBS's Employment Opportunity policy?

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy: The GBS Group is an equal-opportunity employer. Employment decisions will be based on legitimate, nondiscriminatory business reasons, including merit, qualification, experience, and abilities.

Who is the VP of rail & transportation at the GBS group?

Peter MartinezPE, VP, Rail & Transportation Division Manager Peter Martinez is The GBS Group’s longest-tenured employee. And as you might imagine, he understands our company’s unique strengths and capabilities as…

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