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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy GBTC stock?

While GBTC is a trust that only holds Bitcoin, the GBTC stock price does not exactly match the underlying Bitcoin price. Depending on investor sentiment, its shares can trade at a premium to its assets, or it will be trading as if there were no more Bitcoins left, and you would have lost all your money.

What lies ahead for GBTC?

Fed chairperson Jerome Powell has advised that “tapering” lies ahead which translates into “less manipulation.” Bond prices will decrease, and yields will increase, unless the Fed reneges ...

Does GBTC trade after hours?

“We believe investors should have access to GBTC in an ETP format because it offers a tried and tested way for retail investors to gain exposure to bitcoin at prices that closely reflect spot bitcoin trading prices without holding it themselves,” the letter said.

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