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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Harmony Homes of Illinois?

The local leading dealer in Manufactured Homes, Modular Homes, Park Model RVs, and mobile homes in Southern Illinois. Harmony Homes of Illinois are proud to represent Fleetwood Homes and Adventure Homes in Illinois. Because we only want the best for our friends and neighbors, we have carefully selected some of the best homes available.

What makes Harmony Homes unique?

With harmony as its backbone and quality craftsmanship and expertise as a treasured asset, Harmony Homes has evolved into a shining addition in many homebuilding markets, with one simple mission – to build buyer-inspired homes. We’ve lived in our Harmony “Talus” home now for just about a year.

Where is Harmony Homes by the bay located?

In August 2017, we are opened our second location, Harmony Homes By the Bay, located on Route 4, only 10 minutes away from our Hickory Pond location.

Why choose accessharmony homes?

Harmony Homes is a home town, family builder with a personal commitment to building exceptional houses and providing exceptional customer care. We pay attention to all the details that matter: both in construction and in our buyer relationships.

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