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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde dating in NYC?

Look of love: Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde were spotted enjoying a casual date night in New York City on Friday amid the ongoing controversy surrounding Don't Worry Darling.

Did Harry Styles kiss Nick Kroll at the Venice Film Festival?

A lot went down during the premiere of Don’t Worry Darling at the Venice Film Festival. Harry Styles kissed Nick Kroll on the mouth. Fans were convinced that Harry, 28, spat in Chris Pine ‘s lap (he didn’t). One thing that didn’t happen was any PDA between Harry and his girlfriend, actress and Don’t Worry Darling’s director, Olivia Wilde.

Are Harry Styles and Harry Styles’ relationship with his director over?

Fans speculated that the movie’s star and his director — who met on the set of the film and revealed they were dating in January 2021 — were over because of their scant interaction in Italy earlier this month. Meanwhile, Styles’ co-stars Florence Pugh and Chris Pine skipped out on Monday’s premiere.

What was Olivia Wilde doing at Harry Styles’ concert at Madison Square Garden?

Just a few hours after she spoke with Colbert, Wilde headed over to Styles’ concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, where he was honored with a rare banner hung from the venue’s rafters commemorating his history-making Love on Tour residency of 15 sold-out shows.

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