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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honda a good car?

safe and has a ton of features the Honda City Hybrid (e:HEV) is the car you’re looking for. It is a comfortable car, looks good, it’s got a lot of first-in-segment features. Now though ...

Is Honda the make or model?

The model of a car is the specific product name. For example, a Corvette is a model made by Chevrolet. For a Honda Accord, Honda is the make and Accord is the model. The model doesn't have to be a word. In the case of the Audi Q3, it can be a combination of letters and numbers.

How much does a Honda cost?

The Honda Accord Sport with the top powertrain in the Accord lineup starts just above $33,000 and comes with a 2 liter, turbo charged four cylinder that makes 252 horsepower and 273 pound feet of ...

What are the models of Honda?

Iconic Car Models: Delving Into The History Of The Honda CivicFirst Generation Honda Civic: Hitting America With A Small Package But Big Power. ...Second Generation Honda Civic: Growing Up. ...Third Generation Honda Civic: Cruising The '80s. ...Fourth Generation Honda Civic: Sharp New Looks. ...Fifth Generation Honda Civic: Fast And Furious. ...Sixth and Seventh Generation Honda Civic: Bigger And Better. ...More items...

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