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Frequently Asked Questions

How many math games does Hooda math have?

Founded by a middle school math teacher, Hooda Math offers over 500 Math Games for all ages. New Escape Room Math Game Thursday, Hooda Escape Idaho 2022 and check out our Christmas Escape Games now on our Escape Games page. We added a new category page that features many of our fun and free Math Games for kids, teens, and adults.

What is bloxorz?

Bloxorz combines problem solving with spatial reasoning and logic. Can you solve all 33 challenging puzzles? MP1 - Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. MP7 - Look for and make use of structure.

How do I play bloxorz on my phone?

To play Bloxorz easily any time, you can add it directly to your phone as an app. It’s a great way to play without worrying about losing your game save data. For iOS devices, simply tap the "Share" icon in Safari and select "Add to Home Screen". For Android devices, tap the “Menu” icon and select "Install App".

How do you teleport in bloxorz?

Tumble the bloxorz upright onto any square with an open circular symbol to teleport between sections within a stage. When you reach the new section, the blocks should separate into two smaller blocks.

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