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Frequently Asked Questions

What it support is available to staff at UCD?

UCD Registry provides support and training in the use of common tools such as Banner and InfoHub in relation to our key businesses. There are a number of IT Systems available to staff. Make sure to request access to the UCD Staff Virtual Private Network. This VPN allows you to access key University systems while off-campus.

What is infoinfohub and how do I use it?

InfoHub provides access to services and reporting that support key businesses such as curriculum management, registration and assessment. It is accessed via UCD Connect using your Connect Username and Password. Contact [email protected] for support.

What is the UCD ECTS credit system?

In line with national and EU requirements, UCD operates a credit system whereby one ECTS credit corresponds to a norm of 20-30 hours of total student effort. (General Regulation 1.2) An undergraduate module size of 5 ECTS credits is standard across the University.

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