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Frequently Asked Questions

Is kick a verb?

KICK (verb) The KICK (verb) is a dual purpose verb used for combat and roleplaying. Kick is one of four unarmed combat attack commands. Kick attacks are the slowest, (base roundtime 4 seconds) but potentially the most damaging of the four attack types.

What is the definition of kick?

Definition of kick. 1 a : a blow or sudden forceful thrust with the foot specifically : a sudden propelling of a ball with the foot.

What is a synonym for kick?

Synonyms for Kick: n. v. •complain (verb) condemn, except, execrate, withstand, protest, gripe, mumble, damn, fuss, combat, grumble, whine, object, carp, criticize, resist, remonstrate, repine, rebel, expostulate, wail, curse, oppose, inveigh, fight, anathematize, spurn.

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