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Frequently Asked Questions

What is kit?

What is KIT? We provide dynamic online and on-site training, innovative consultations, expert policy and standards development, and empowering coaching that gives people who work with children a “want to, can do, and will do” attitude towards welcoming kids with disabilities or other complex needs.

What is the Keykit Academy?

KIT Academy, an online professional development program, is a flexible, efficient, and inexpensive method of providing your team the information they need at the moment they need it, and not just at the annual training day. Practical, easy to download handouts, checklists, and tip sheets

How can kit Academy help you?

Use KIT Academy for all of your professional development needs with over 50 hours of online training, over 80 downloadable resources and earn up to 12.1 IACET-accredited CEU’s. You will find it easier than ever to expand your learning about disability inclusion and behavior support with KIT Academy.

Why work at Kit?

We offer reliable career paths in research. Nowhere are the opportunities for further qualification of young researchers bigger than at KIT, the only German University of Excellence that also pursues national large-scale research programs. At KIT, the way from the scientific result to a marketable product is shorter.

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