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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you live stream a funeral?

Most live streaming services have an app that can be downloaded, or you can just share the link to your stream with anyone who would like to attend. The type of service you’ll use can change depending on the type of device you’ll be using to live stream the funeral. If you have access to a desktop computer, your options will be a bit wider.

Is Ustream worth it for a funeral home?

If you’re into live streaming, or if you are a funeral home looking to offer this as a service, UStream is a great platform for live streaming funerals and memorial services. But for the average user, the cost probably isn’t worth it. Bottom line: Great features, but only at a price.

What is funfuneral webcasting with OnLive?

Funeral Webcasting with ONLive Streams enables family and friends who live far away to take part in your loved one’s funeral or memorial service.

Why choose broadcaster for iOS for live streaming funeral services?

Here are some features that make Broadcaster for iOS ideal for live streaming your funeral services: 1080p Video Streaming: Broadcaster gives you the ability to stream 1080p video instantly straight from your iPhone ®, iPad ®, or iPod touch ®.

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