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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Liverpool's record in Champions League group a?

Liverpool is currently in first with a 3-0-1 record and a three-game winning streak. Napoli is right behind with a 2-2-0 record in the group and is one of six teams yet to lose a game in the group stage.

What happened in the first half of the Napoli vs Roma match?

In the first half, Napoli was by far the better side and had the ball in the net early on. The Stadio San Paolo, Napoli’s famed crumbling colosseum, erupted as Mertens headed home from Adrian’s save, only to fall quiet after seeing the linesman’s flag raised for an obvious offside.

Is Liverpool's destiny still in their own hands?

Their destiny is still in their own hands, at least. Napoli again prove Liverpool’s bogey team, making life difficult at Anfield despite offering precious little. They rarely ventured beyond the halfway line.

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