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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marvel superheroes mod?

Adds powers and costumes of Avengers like Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man A superhero mod that adds superheroes from both Marvel and DC. What's this?

What is superheroes mod by fiskfille?

The greatly anticipated Superheroes Mod by FiskFille is finally unleashed! Now you and your friends can begin your journey to suit up into one of the 30 introduced superheroes, from both the Marvel and DC multiverses: It is your time to Fly, Speed and Fight your way to glory without a tragic backstory!

What is the Hero expansion mod for Lucraft core?

HeroesExpansion. This mod adds various superpowers and suit designed for LucraftCore. You can find a list of the aspects of the mod here: To become Superman you have to find a Kryptonite Meteor. By mining the Kryptonite blocks you might be able to get a Kryptonian Fossil. Put this in an Extractor and you can get an injection which makes you ...

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