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Frequently Asked Questions

How can agency360 help your business?

Bring on team members efficiently and seamlessly. Put training on autopilot and watch outcomes soar. Measure, evaluate, evolve, and succeed. It’s easier than ever. See how the Hamilton County communications team put Agency360's software to work, allowing them to track detailed aspects of employee interactions. This software empowered them to:

What can I do with the my agency platform?

Agency Platform also allows you to customize the placement and appearance of tiles and panels, and conveniently access and control various settings and options. Within My Agency Home, you can move or re-size panels and move tiles to customize your workspace.

How do I create a new client in my agency?

Click to return to My Agency Home. Open Client Search. Add a new client by accessing the New Client page, create a New Activity/Suspense by opening the window, or a New Quote by launching PL Rating. Access integrated applications. --Favorites - access and create favorite links.

How do I Change My my agency home platform settings?

Click the arrow next to your name in the upper right corner of the My Agency Home. You'll see a menu with selections for Platform Settings, username and password, and Credential Manager. The Platform Setting is where you set the tiles and panels that appear on your My Agency Home page. You'll find settings for each panel on the panel itself.

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