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Frequently Asked Questions

How can agencyhr help you?

Broadcast agency messages to your team and receive a confirmation when they've been viewed. Keep meticulous employee records - without trying. All employee data automatically stored in one easily accessible location. Beautifully simple time clock! AgencyHR is affordable!

Why agagencies USA hire?

Agencies can use the USA Hire platform to administer a wide variety of online personnel assessments. We offer a variety of assessment products and services that can be purchased off-the-shelf to meet an agency's needs. We do the human capital and contracting work for you, so you can focus on what you do best – your mission.

What does Malace HR do?

As a global supplier of automotive manufacturing systems we rely on Malace HR to support multiple departments within our organization. They are uniquely structured to provide our managers with personnel and resources in design, manufacturing, office services and light industrial.

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