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Frequently Asked Questions

Is North Dakota offering a deer hunting license refund?

This year, reports have come in from throughout western and central North Dakota, and the state is offering refunds to hunters with whitetail or "any" deer gun licenses in 22 units: 2H, 2I, 2J1, 2K1, 3A1, 3A3, 3B1, 3B2, 3B3, 3C, 3D1, 3D2, 3E1, 3E2, 3F1, 3F2, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E and 4F.

Are gnats a problem in North Dakota?

The viral disease that's transmitted by biting gnats is present in North Dakota at a low level most years, but sometimes environmental conditions create perfect breeding areas for the insects, and outbreaks occur. “Compared to previous years, a much larger portion of the state seems to be affected,” state Wildlife Chief Casey Anderson said.

What should I do if I find a dead deer?

Hunters and landowners should report any dead deer along with photos, if possible, to the department through the online wildlife mortality reporting system, at Before deciding to turn in a license, Anderson urges license holders to make local contacts to find out the extent of mortality in their hunting unit.

When does Deer gun season start in Minnesota?

This year's deer gun season is Nov. 5-21. The state made 72,200 licenses available this year, the sixth consecutive year of an increase and the highest level of licenses in 10 years.

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