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Frequently Asked Questions

When is a NDA appropriate?

It means that NDAs are only appropriate when you trust someone. You should never use an NDA when you are worried that someone is dishonest. Bad actors will always be bad actors, and no contract will prevent them from acting badly. If they are honest and respect the non-disclosure agreement, then the NDA has a place.

Is a NDA worth the paper it is written on?

Even though the recent decisions make it clear that NDAs are still worth the paper they are written on and ABC was successful in court, potential adverse publicity will be a key risk factor before taking legal action. Many potential claimants will be daunted by the prospect of embarking upon proceedings to enforce NDAs for several reasons:

What does NDA stand for?

NDA stands for "Non-Disclosure Agreement." It is common for celebrities to ask those around them to sign an NDA to ensure they won't share anything they learn with the public. Billie has said many times that she values her privacy and she is selective about what she shares with her fans.

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