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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ndaws stand for?

INFORMATION ASSURANCE BRANCH 5720 INTEGRITY DRIVE MILLINGTON TN 38055-0000 Navy Department of Awards Web Service (NDAWS) User Guide April 2021 April 2021 NDAWS User Guide

How do I find an award in the ndaws?

Step 1 - Check to see that the award has been entered into the Navy Department Awards Web Service (NDAWS) by logging onto BOL. Once on BOL, click on Navy Personnel Command Documents Services. Once this page opens, select “NDAWS” from the left side of the screen. Click on “Search Awards”.

How does the ndaws system update work?

The NDAWS system update leverages the successful fielding of related HR systems that include the electronic submission of selection board documents, automated requests for name change and the online officer photograph submission form, which are also part of the NPC Document Services Workspace on BOL.

What is the Bol ndaws application?

Skip to main content (Press Enter). On 18May2020, Navy Personnel Command launched the new BUPERS OnLine (BOL) NDAWS application. BOL NDAWS is the authoritative source for Navy personal, Unit, Campaign, and Expeditionary medals data.

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