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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NDVI 1km metadata file format?

The NDVI 1km version 3 and version 2.2 products are provided as global, multi-band netCDF4 files with metadata according to the Climate and Forecast (CF) conventions (v1.6). An INSPIRE compliant metadata file, XSLT for XML viewing and a sub-sampled, coloured quicklook image in GeoTIFF format are provided separately.

What is the NDVI?

For many years, the NDVI is widely used by the bio-geophysical community to monitor the vegetation state and disturbances to address a large range of applications, including forestry, agriculture, food security, water management. European institution for global crop monitoring.

Where will the 300m NDVI V2 and v1 be?

Collection 300m NDVI V2 (left) and Collection 300m NDVI V1 (right) over Central Africa [9° - 8°N, 27° - 28° E] (top) for December 2018 and Western Europe [51° - 50° N, 4° - 5° E] (bottom) for June 2019.

What is the latest NDVI data for AVHRR?

Weekly and biweekly NDVI composites based on 1-km AVHRR data (1989 to 2019). To all users of AVHRR composites. The NOAA 19 satellite which currently supports the AVHRR sensor has been degrading in orbit to the point where the nadir view is on the day night terminator within its orbit.

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