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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a multispectral sensor on a UAV a reliable platform for NDVI?

In conclusion, a multispectral sensor mounted on a UAV is a reliable high-throughput platform for NDVI measurement to predict biomass and GY and grain-filling stage seems the best period for selection. Keywords: High throughput phenotyping; Multi-spectral imaging; Normalized difference vegetation index; Unmanned aerial vehicle.

Can unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) assess and monitor vegetation?

Among the new advances, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with perception systems have demonstrated suitability in the timely assessment and monitoring of vegetation.

Can you modify NDVI on an existing drone?

Another company that offers NDVI modification to an existing drone is MAPIR through their Survey 3W NDVI Mapping Camera. This camera is about the size of a GoPro Hero and can be attached to a huge number of popular drones using any of their various mount options.

Can ndndvi be used to classify Antarctic vegetation?

NDVI categorization is suitable for the classification of cryptogamic vegetation. Statistical parameters may be used to define specific class ranges for each image. Antarctic vegetation types are closely associated to NDVI values. UAV is a resourceful validator of Antarctic vegetation in orbital images.

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