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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ndvi3g data set?

The latest version of the GIMMS NDVI data set spans the period July 1981 to December 2015 and is termed NDVI3g (third generation GIMMS NDVI from AVHRR sensors). The USGS Remote sensing phenology states: "NDVI values range from +1.0 to -1.0. Areas of barren rock, sand, or snow usually show very low NDVI values (for example, 0.1 or less).

What's wrong with Gimms ndvi3g +?

The GIMMS NDVI3g + data used for NDVI Change research along the Qinghai–Tibet Railway with a long time series but low spatial resolution, making it impossible to analyze the growth of detailed vegetation types.

What does NDVI stand for?

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index-3rd generation (NDVI) using the Global Inventory Monitoring and Modeling System (GIMMS): Vegetation indices are radiometric measures of photosynthetically active radiation absorbed by chlorophyll in the green leaves of vegetation canopies and are therefore good surrogate measures of the physiologically ...

What is the NDVI time series?

For 30 years, Compton J. Tucker created the NDVI time series within the framework of the Global Inventory Monitoring and Modeling System (GIMMS) project. He carefully assemblied it from different AVHRR sensors and accounting for various deleterious effects, such as calibration loss, orbital drift, volcanic eruptions, etc.

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