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Frequently Asked Questions

How often is NIH Stroke Scale done?

place as to how often an individual needs to re-certify for the NIH Stroke Scale. Hospital and clinical trial organizations determine their own protocol on certification standards. Although the National Stroke Association recommends certification every six months, the average re-certification is one year.

How to obtain NIHSS certification?

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ONLINE NIHSS CERTIFICATION . 1. Go to NIH Stroke Scale website. (Figure 1) For PREVIOUSLY registered: • Log in using your username and password. • If you forgot your password, you can request it by clicking on Click here link. It will prompt you for the email address

How to get NIHSS certificate?

To earn your NIHSS certification, you must simply go to the NIHSS website and select the link to the training program. From there, you can complete your training and assessments online for free. The NIHSS will provide you with self-paced activities to help you learn the ins and outs of the scoring system, and then you may begin taking your assessments.

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