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Frequently Asked Questions

What famous people have homes in Palm Springs?

Some famous movie stars who had a home in TMC are Cary Grant, Dinah Shore, Jack Benny, Marilyn Monroe and Al Jolson. TMC is located in central Palm Springs, within walking distance to the downtown, and is comprised of approximately 170 homes.

Who is the Best Actor in Palm Springs Weekend?

But romance was in the air in Palm Springs Weekend, even Jack Weston the college basketball coach gets to have a fling with hotel owner Carole Cook. Best in the film is Jerry Van Dyke who supplies some needed comic relief and plays a mean banjo.

Is Palm Springs Weekend a rip off of where the boys meet?

Palm Springs Weekend which was unashamedly ripped off from Where The Boys Meet The Girls, gave the Warner Brothers television stars a last time to strut their stuff before the cameras.

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